illustration production process “Payphone”

The illustration production process I’m going to introduce this time is “Payphone”.

This illustration was made into a simple line illustration with a slight differentiation from the previous work.

When divided into six main categories, the process is as follows.

1. Sketch the main object -Sketch the payphone, the most important element in this illustration.

I placed the pay phone at the main part of the picture so that I could naturally draw the reader’s attention.

2. Sketch Sub-Object – The picture would be boring if there was a pay phone.

Especially in the case of line illustrations, all elements are simple, so it is important to insert various elements around them to induce them to look visually rich. I put in a cat to create a rich production. The reason why I put the cat is as follows. 1. I think cats are suitable for summer mood 2. Using cats, which are usually used as secretive animals, to give them a more mysterious feeling.

3. a production project that connects the center and the background -I put a motorcycle in the back of the pay phone so that the background doesn’t look separate.

The natural movement of the eye is a very important part of the painting. Just by smoothing this area, you can improve the productive quality of the painting much more.

4. shadow work Since the concept of the drawing has come out, we’ll work on the details. First, I worked on the shadows that would go into the foreground of the painting.

There was no wood in the painting, but the shadow of the tree was used to create a natural production effect. The good thing about using natural shadows – natural objects have irregularities, so when you use them on top of regular elements, you can break the rules and create a more visually rich look.

5. a detailed sketch

I put a goldfish inside the pay phone.

It’s a Japanese painting element, but if you use creatures like fish in these everyday objects, you can easily create colorful paintings.

6. Final Detail Work -This is a detailed work that can improve the final quality of the painting.

I used water, so I used the drop effect to match it well. For line illustrations, it is recommended to use the same series of 2D illustration effects rather than using 3d elements even when using effects.

That’s the end of the drawing. You can also see the process of the completed painting on YouTube, and you can also purchase the painting as a case or wallpaper.

Buying a “Public Phone” Phone Case

Look around the production process on YouTube

Find out more information through the links above. Thank you

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